Training Videos: SSP 9

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  • Activating SSP

    • Converting SSP from Evaluation to Projection(1:32)

      Converting a free evaluation license to a purchased projection license.
    • Evaluation Activation Process(2:19)

      This video demonstrates how to activate SSP for a 30 day free trial.
    • Creating A New Workstation License(1:39)

      This video demonstrates how to create and use a new workstation license for activating SSP.
    • Offline Activation Process(1:23)

      This process allows you to activate SSP without an Internet connection.
    • Switching To A Different License(1:11)

      Converting your SSP software activation to a different license on your account.
    • Re-using A License(1:27)

      This video shows how to re-use an existing license that has already been used to activate SSP.
    • Deactivating A License(1:24)

      How to deactivate SSP before making modifications to your computer or activating a new one.
    • Online Activation Process – Projection(3:04)

      This video covers a walkthrough of the various projection license activation options.
    • Online Activation Process – Workstation(4:20)

      This video covers a walkthrough of the various workstation license activation options.
    • New Computer – Transferring SSP(4:35)

      This video explains transferring SSP and its related files to another computer.
  • Basic Introduction

    • Introduction To Slide Builder(4:33)

      Creating a slide show offers three advantages over presenting individual media items.
    • Creating A Basic Service Program(2:43)

      A demonstration of how to create a simple SSP program.
    • Package To Go(2:10)

      This video shows how to create a program on one computer and present it on another.
    • Understanding the Fundamentals(4:47)

      This video explains some of the basic concepts of SSP.
    • Importing Media Files(5:03)

      This video covers importing files into SSP.
    • Slide Properties Overview(4:52)

      This video shows how and where you can adjust the settings for your slides in SSP.
    • Presenter Window Overview(2:09)

      This video gives an overview of the SSP interface and describes the functions of the panels.
    • Presenter Window Tips(3:37)

      This video shows how to rearrange the layout of the SSP UI.
  • Display Settings

    • Adjusting Slide Properties for Each Display(2:35)

      Adjust the output asthetics of each of your display outputs.
    • Enabling Multiple Presentation Outputs(3:19)

      Present multiple pieces of information at the same time on different screens.
    • Using Preview As A Media Tech Prompter(3:21)

      How to use the Preview feature as a prompt for the media operator.
    • Embedding a Display Window(1:30)

      Using an embedded display window output to replicate a projector.
    • NDI Output to vMix (Lower Thirds)(3:32)

      This video demonstrates the virtual output capability of SSP9 Ultra Edition.
    • Overview of Display Settings(3:45)

      This video covers a brief explanation of the SSP display settings.
    • Display Settings for Stage/Preview Split(3:26)

      How to enable a Preview output for prompting your singers on the next song part.
    • Environmental Projection Settings(3:15)

      Unpacking the environmental projection settings for SSP.
    • Stage Display Settings(3:49)

      This video covers setting up a stage output.
    • Projection Settings(1:39)

      How to configure SongShow Plus for projection capability.
  • Common Support Questions

    • File Import Options Unavailable(0:50)

      When the Create or Acquire From options are greyed out.
    • SSP Freezes After Importing A File(1:24)

      How to proceed when SSP appears to freeze after importing a new media file.
    • SongSelect Online Import Error(1:56)

      How to get around an "illegal character" error when importing songs from SongSelect.
    • Displays Temporarily Losing Signal – Advanced Solution(3:27)

      If your projection outputs are intermittently dropping the signal, this tutorial walks you through checking your display's refresh rate in Windows.
    • Displays Temporarily Losing Signal – Easy Solution(1:15)

      If your projection outputs are intermittently dropping the signal, this quick SSP display setting change could fix the issue.
    • Restoring SSP Files Using Windows(1:46)

      How to copy and paste your SSP user files after saving them. This is commonly needed after replacing a hard drive, reinstalling Windows, or switching to a new computer.
    • Missing Tabs in Media Files Panel(0:34)

      How to replace a missing tab in the Media Files panel.
    • Missing Songs(1:15)

      When some of your songs don't appear in the Media Files panel.
    • Presenting One Scripture Verse Per Slide(1:24)

      How to change the settings to present one scripture verse on a single slide.
    • Blank Presenter Window(0:48)

      How to fix when the SSP interface is empty on startup.
    • Missing Media Files(0:47)

      When your media files panel shows "No files" for slideshows, images, videos, audio tracks, or web pages.
  • Presenter Window In-Depth

    • Toggle Activity Log Button(3:09)

      How to start/stop recording song activity for CCLI reporting
    • Background Brightness Slider(0:54)

      How to use the background brightness setting to help make backgrounds more impactful
    • Understanding Panels(4:37)

      A comprehensive overview of how the Presenter Window panels can be adjusted
    • Audio Settings(2:56)

      Making adjustments to audio using the main level slider
    • Quick Slide(2:31)

      How to use the Quick Slide feature to immediately create and present information
  • Media Files Panel

    • Search Options for Media Files(4:04)

      How to search for files in the Media Files panel
    • Toolbar Customization(2:01)

      How to customize the toolbar icons and tabs
    • View details or thumbnails(1:58)

      Easily review your media files by either file name or thumbnails
    • Overview of Media Files(3:34)

      Going over the basics of importing media files into SSP
    • Drag & Drop Files(0:35)

      Easily reorganize media files in SSP folders.
    • Creating A New Subfolder(1:16)

      Creating a subfolder within the Media Files panel
  • Improv Collection

    • Instant Message(3:41)

      Demonstration of the Instant Message feature
    • Audio Improv(3:55)

      Demonstration of the Audio Improv feature
    • Color Improv(2:36)

      Demonstration of the Color Improv feature
    • Overlay Improv(3:14)

      Demonstration of the Overlay feature
    • Background Improv(2:45)

      Demonstration of the Background Improv feature
  • Using Songs

    • Using Page Breaks on Lyric Slides(3:44)

      Demonstrates how to easily break song lyrics into smaller parts.
    • Add A New Song – Database(2:31)

      Demonstrates how to copy a song from one local song database to another.
    • Add A New Song – RTF(1:30)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from an RTF (rich text format) file.
    • Add A New Song – XML(1:18)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from an XML document.
    • Add A New Song – PDF(6:32)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from a PDF document.
    • Showing Song Details(2:52)

      How to show additional details about each song in the Songs panel
    • Editing a Stock Song(1:25)

      A brief explanation of duplicating and editing a stock SSP song.
    • Add A New Song – Windows Clipboard(1:34)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics using the Windows clipboard.
    • Add A New Song – Microsoft PowerPoint(1:30)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from a PowerPoint slideshow.
    • Add A New Song – Microsoft Word(1:17)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from an MS Word doc.
    • Add A New Song – SongSelect Download File(1:06)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing a downloaded SongSelect text file.
    • Add A New Song – SongSelect Online(0:47)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from CCLI's SongSelect website.
    • Add A New Song – Text File(1:22)

      Demonstrates how to create a song by importing the lyrics from a text file.
    • Converting A Song To A Slideshow(3:01)

      Demonstrates creating a song into a slideshow format for more granular control of applying backgrounds.
    • Collections(1:40)

      Adding a song to a Collection for filtering purposes.
    • Adding A Background(1:14)

      Applying a background to a song.
    • Typing A New Song(2:29)

      How to create a new song by typing in the information manually.
    • Printing a Song(2:06)

      A demonstration of how to print a song.
    • Overview of Songs(5:23)

      This video explains how songs are used within SSP databases.
  • Using Slideshows

    • Converting A PowerPoint(2:19)

      How to convert a PowerPoint slideshow into a SongShow Plus slideshow format.
    • Importing A PowerPoint(0:57)

      Copying a PPT slideshow into SSP for presentation.
  • Using Scripture

    • Search Scriptures by Topic(0:52)

      Compiling scriptures that can be searched by topic.
    • Search Scriptures by Text(1:45)

      Find and present scriptures on the fly by searching for keywords.
    • Presenting Bilingual Bible Verses(4:40)

      How to present verses in different translations side-by-side.
    • Single or Multiple Verses Per Slide(3:47)

      Demonstrates how to present a specified number of scriptures per slide.
    • Using Scripture Text Style(6:09)

      How to use scripture text style settings to help tell the narrative.
    • Removing the Verse Number(0:44)

      Demonstrates how to omit the number at the beginning of the verse.
    • Changing a Scripture Background(1:15)

      How to quickly change a background to match a scripture verse or passage.
    • Applying Slide Properties to Scriptures(1:47)

      A brief overview of how slide properties can make your scriptures impactful.
    • Adjusting Scripture Margins(1:12)

      Demonstrates resizing the text margin for a scripture verse.
    • Adding More Bible Translations(1:28)

      Add contemporary versions of the Bible to your SSP software.
    • Presenting Scriptures Spontaneously(2:47)

      How to quickly display scriptures in a random fashion
  • Using Images

    • Importing an image – Video(0:57)

      Importing an image from a single frame in a video
    • Importing an image – Microsoft PowerPoint Importer(1:56)

      Creating images from PowerPoint slides
    • Importing an image – Microsoft Bing(1:30)

      Using the Microsoft Bing search engine to download images into SSP
    • Overview of Images Panel(1:13)

      A brief review of the various icons and options for images
    • Importing an image – Hard Drive(1:42)

      Import images using the Hard Drive option
    • Importing an image – File Copy(1:04)

      Easily import multiple images using the File Copy option
    • Importing an image – External Folder(1:17)

      Importing images using the External Folder option
    • Importing an image – Clipboard(1:45)

      Using the Windows clipboard option to copy/paste an image into your media files
  • Using Web Pages

    • Importing A YouTube Link(0:57)

      How to present a YouTube video through SSP.
    • Importing A Vimeo Link(1:22)

      How to present a Vimeo video through SSP.
    • Importing A Web Page(1:05)

      How to present a web page through SSP.
  • Integrations

    • Planning Center Online(4:27)

      Demonstrates how to download service plans into SSP from Planning Center.
    • SongSelect(3:48)

      Demonstrates how to download songs using the SongSelect service from CCLI.
  • Slide Properties

    • Scripture Text Layout – Position, Alignment, and Spacing(2:32)

      Use these adjustments for putting the scriptures text exactly where you want on your slides
    • Emphasis Animation(1:55)

      Highlight a specific line in a song when presenting the entire song part
    • Share Properties Files(1:54)

      Easily share your computer's Default Slide Properties with another SSP computer
    • External Players(0:39)

      Applying properties for External Players like PowerPoint
    • Scripture Text Layout – Text location(3:57)

      How to resize and relocate scripture text and reference
    • Scripture Text Style(2:59)

      Change the font settings for scriptures for better engagement
    • Background Layer effects and layer margins(3:45)

      Apply a transparent box behind scripture text
    • Song Text Layout – Live stream song lyrics(2:11)

      Present full screen lyrics to your in-house congregation and only two lines for your live stream audience
    • Song Text Layout – Adjusting title, copyright, and author(2:37)

      Placing song title at the top of the slide while author and copyright stay at the bottom
    • Multiple Fill Layers(1:34)

      Apply two backgrounds to one scripture slide
    • Blank Slide(2:43)

      Present a default graphic at different times in your worship service
    • Background Brightness Bar(0:56)

      Easily adjust the contrast of a background on-the-fly
    • Introducing Effects(3:01)

      A brief introduction to how real-time effects can be applied to items in SongShow Plus
    • Quickly Apply A Background(2:48)

      Quickly apply an image or video background to a song or scripture with just a couple of clicks
    • Background Effect(1:31)

      Adding an effect to a background
    • Background Margins(1:37)

      Applying a lower-third background behind song lyrics
    • Understanding Margins(1:59)

      Adjusting default margins for specific types of media
    • Overview of Default All Media Properties(03:20)

      Understand the difference between all media settings and media specific settings
    • Slide Text Style and Layout Settings(3:46)

      Easily apply default properties to slides in the Slide Builder prior to creating a new slideshow
    • Applying Media Specific Margins(3:21)

      Apply different margin settings for songs, scriptures, images, and videos
    • Song Text Style – Build options(1:56)

      How to add or remove italics from songs parts like chorus and bridge
    • Song Text Style – Title, author, copyright, and reference(2:09)

      Adjust the text for song title, author, copyright, and reference
    • Song Text Style – Stroke(1:48)

      Adding a stroke effect to text can make a big impact
    • Song Text Style – Fill(1:51)

      Create engaging worship by using a motion fill in your lyrics
    • Song Text Style – Lyrics(3:48)

      Adjusting the font for song lyrics
    • Video Properties(2:04)

      Applying properties to videos
    • Image Properties(2:39)

      Applying default settings to images
    • Applying Shadow(1:51)

      Applying shadow to scripture text for easier viewing
    • Scripture Background – Solid Color(2:33)

      Easily apply a solid background to multiple scriptures using the color pick tool
    • Song Background – Improv(3:10)

      Changing song backgrounds on-the-fly.
    • Song Background – Fill(1:39)

      Applying the "Fill" slide property to a song
    • Save and Load Properties(1:27)

      Easily apply slide properties to an item by saving and loading properties from other items.
    • Scripture Background – Default(1:42)

      Apply a default background to all scriptures.
    • Song Background – Default(0:50)

      Apply one background to all of your songs.
    • Understanding Slide Properties(2:13)

      A brief overview of what Slide Properties are and how they can be applied.
    • Hierarchy of Slide Properties(3:35)

      This video explains the different areas where slide properties can be applied and their priority.
  • Slide Builder Basics

    • Image Backgrounds vs Image Objects(3:57)

      This video explains the difference between applying an image as a background or as an object.
    • Changing Canvas Aspect Ratio(1:29)

      Change the Slide Builder canvas area's aspect ratio to match the presentation output window.
    • Icons, Tabs, and Buttons(3:00)

      An overview of the options toward the top of the Slide Builder interface.
    • Menu Options – Part 1(3:54)

      Overview of the options found under the File menu dropdown in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options – Part 2(4:05)

      Demonstrates how to export slides as an HTML slideshow or image files.
    • Menu Options – Part 3(3:01)

      Using the Package To Go option to export a slideshow and its contents.
    • Menu Options – Part 4(1:50)

      How to apply a background and a transition to an entire slideshow.
    • Menu Options – Part 5(6:13)

      Adjusting the timing settings for a slideshow.
    • Menu Options – Part 6(4:11)

      Use themes and sub-themes to quickly create visually cohesive slideshows.
    • Menu Options – Part 8(2:28)

      A demonstration of adding an audio track to a slideshow.
    • Menu Options – Part 9()

      Exploring the options under the Slide menu dropdown.
    • Menu Options – Part 10(5:52)

      Adding text objects to slides.
    • Menu Options – Part 11(3:38)

      Adding image objects to slides.
    • Menu Options – Part 12(4:02)

      Adding video objects to slides.
    • Menu Options Part 13(1:22)

      Adding a shape object to a slideshow.
    • Menu Options Pt 14(1:00)

      Adding a transition to a single slide.
    • Menu Options Pt 15(1:11)

      This video covers the menu options under Edit.
    • Menu Options Pt 16(2:33)

      This video covers the View and Tools menu options.
    • Menu Options Pt 17(4:23)

      Adjusting the settings and preferences of the Slide Builder.
  • Slide Builder Assistants

    • Photo Slides with Captions Assistant(4:47)

      This video demonstrates using a Slide Builder Assistant for adding image slides with captions.
    • Background Sequence Assistant(2:56)

      A demonstration of creating a slideshow with multiple backgrounds at one time.
    • Photo Slides Assistant(6:00)

      Quickly creating a slideshow using 30 different images.
  • File Management

    • Backup Restore Utility(5:41)

      How to create a backup of your SSP user files.
    • Relocating Media Files(3:24)

      How to redirect SSP to an alternate location for your user files.
    • Media Files Location(1:23)

      This video shows where to find your SSP user files.
    • Relocating SSP Media Files(2:39)

      This video demonstrates how to move your SSP files to an alternate location.