Training Videos: SSP 8

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  • Basic Introduction

    • 16. SongShow Plus Layout Presets (2:24)
      How to save multiple layout presets allowing you to customize each layout for a specific scenario.
    • 15. Embedded Display Window (2:05)
      How to setup SongShow Plus to Embed the Display Window in the Presenter Window. This feature is most often utilized with Workstation systems.
    • 14. Basic Monitor Projection Setup (4:47)
      In this video we cover the basic setup of Windows and SongShow Plus so both are properly configured for placement of your Presenter Window and Display Window (projected output).
    • 13. Building a Program (4:28)
      Demonstrates building/compiling a basic SongShow Plus Program.
    • 12. Program Panel Toolbar Part 2 (4:53)
      Covers the functionality of different icons in the Program Panel Toolbar including: Next & Previous Program Item, Next & Previous Program Step, Insert Program Item , Expand All Items, Collapse All Items, Show Details & View Inspector Panel.
    • 11. Program Panel Toolbar Part 1 (4:39)
      An overview of the functionality of different icons/buttons in the Program Panel Toolbar including: File Menu, Mute Display, Clear Display and Blank Slide (includes basic setup info for Blank Slide feature).
    • 10. Change Media Specific Backgrounds (3:15)
      Brief overview of how to change the Defeault Background of Songs and Scripture media as well as how to change the Background on a particular Song or Scripture media file in the Program line-up.
    • 9. Media Files Panel Part 2 (3:55)
      An overview of the Audio Tracks, Video Devices. Web Pages, DVD, and Timers Media File tabs and icons and their functionality
    • 8. Media Files Panel Part 1 (3:56)
      An overview of the Songs, Slide Shows, Scripture, Images and Videos Media File tabs and their functionality. Includes how to set a Default Bible Version.
    • 7. Media Files Panel Intro (2:46)
      Basic Overview of the functions of the Media Files Panel. How to: add folders, location of Media Files in Windows, and changing file view and size.
    • 6. Toolbar Menu Options Part 4 (5:04)
      An overview of the Tools, Settings, Update and Help drop-down menu options.
    • 5. Toolbar Menu Options Part 3 (5:46)
      An overview of the Activity and Tools drop-down menu options.
    • 4. Toolbar Menu Options Part 2 (5:24)
      An overview of the View and Slide Properties drop-down menu options.
    • 3. Toolbar Menu Options Part 1 (4:52)
      An overview of the first couple of toolbar drop-down menu options. Including: File, Program, and Songs/Media Files Panel.
    • 2. Presenter Window In-depth (5:47)
      In-depth options of the Presenter Window. How to: add and remove panels, change color scheme, use of toolbar icons, and editing toolbar icons listed.
    • 1. Basic Intro to the Presenter Window (3:28)
      Basic functionality of the Presenter Window. Includes brief description of each panel and its function.
  • Using Images

    • Image Files Panel Overview (4:46)
      How to access Image Media Files. How to add folders for organization, search, view details or thumbnails, change thumbnail size, and refresh list.
    • Acquiring Images Part 1 (6:31)
      How to import/acquire images from: Clipboard, External Folder, File Copy, Hard Drive, Hardware Device, Microsoft PowerPoint Importer, Video File, Web Site and Zip File.
    • Acquiring Images Part 2 (2:55)
      How to authorize an Online Service for importing/acquiring media, available for: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Shift Worship.
    • Crop Images (3:51)
      How to Crop Images that have been added to your Program line-up.
    • Slide Properties and Effects (3:12)
      How to change the Slide Properties and apply effects to an individual image added to your Program line-up.
    • Apply an Image as a Background (2:52)
      How to apply an image as a Background in the All Media Slide Properties or on an individual Program item.
  • Using Videos 1

    • Video Files Panel Overview (5:53)
      How to access Video Media Files. How to add folders for organization, search, view details or thumbnails, change thumbnail size, and refresh list.
    • Acquiring Videos (4:11)
      How to to acquire/import videos from: External Folder, File Copy, Hard Drive and Zip File.
    • Authorize Online Services (2:32)
      Explanation of Online Services. How to Authorize SongShow Plus to import/acquire content from a supported online service.
  • Using Videos 2

    • DVD Import (5:35)
      Overview of importing dvd's for use in SongShow Plus with demonstrations on importing a whole dvd or certain scenes as well as setting mark in and mark out points for segments of a dvd.
    • Timers (5:05)
      Demonstrates how to create and customize a Timer. In SongShow Plus 8.2, Timers now work like other video formats and can be used in all places that videos are used (primary feature, background, Overlay Improv, etc.)
  • Using Scripture

    • 1. Scripture Media Files Intro (2:50)
      Covers how to access the Scripture Media Files, how to add a single verse to the program, and how to search for verses and add a verse to a topic
    • 2. Bible Translations (1:37)
      Overview of Bible translations that come with SongShow Plus and purchasable Bibles. How to change the default translation for Scriptures.
    • 3. Selecting Multiple Scriptures (3:18)
      Overview of how to select multiple scriptures and how to add them to your Program panel in multiple or single slides.
    • 4. Topics (2:24)
      Overview of how to create and use topics to organize and access specific scriptures.
  • Slide Shows 1

    • Slide Shows Introduction (3:22)
      An introduction to the use of Slide Shows and the Slide Builder. Covers how to open Slide Builder to create a new Slide Show, where files are saved, how to create a desktop shortcut to Slide Builder.
    • Background Sequence Assistant (4:10)
      How to create a Slide Show using the Background Sequence Assistant in SongShow Plus and Slide Builder.
    • File Copy and Slide Show Package (4:44)
      How to acquire/import from a Slide Show Package and how to acquire from a PowerPoint or Slide Builder Slide Show using File Copy in SongShow Plus.
    • Photo Slides Assistant (5:03)
      How to create a Slide Show using the Photo Slide Assistant in SongShow Plus. Great for creating a last minute slide show with lots of images, like from a missions trip.
    • Top Ten List Assistant (4:32)
      How to create a Slide Show using the Top Ten List Assistant in SongShow Plus.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Importer (4:31)
      How to import or convert a PowerPoint using the Microsoft PowerPoint Importer in SongShow Plus.
    • Video Sequence Assistant (3:27)
      How to create a Slide Show using the Video Sequence Assistant in SongShow Plus. This assistant allows the insertion of videos and images into the Assistant.
    • Text Slides Assistant Part One (4:06)
      How to easily create a text based Slide Show using the Text Slides Assistant. This video will cover the Text tab of the Assistant in detail.
    • Text Slides Assistant Part Two (5:06)
      How to finish creating a quick text based Slide Show using the Text Slides Assistant. This video will cover other options like; Bullets, Background, Transition, Timing and more.
  • Slide Shows 2

    • Building Announcements Part 4 (5:17)
      Review of some of the features previously discussed in building announcements, as well as a demonstration of using the crop feature with images, copying effects, and looping videos in a slide show.
    • Building Announcements Part 3 (3:36)
      Detailed overview of object order and priority when objects are aligned over top of each other within a slide.
    • Building Announcements Part 2 (2:52)
      Demonstrates editing an announcement slide show by cloning a slide, changing the text color, adding shadow to the text, and adding effects to an object.
    • Building Announcements Part 1 (2:25)
      Demonstrates building an announcement slide show by adding an image and text object, readjusting text box sizes, and centering objects on a slide.
    • Animations (3:11)
      Details the use of animations in Slide Builder including both entrance and exit animations.
    • Slide Builder Folders (4:32)
      Overview of various methods that can be used to organize your slide shows created within Slide Builder such as creating new folders and rearranging the location of your slide show files.
    • Tool Bars Part 2 (5:05)
      Overview of the various properties, effects, and animations that can be applied to an object added to a slide in Slide Builder.
    • Tool Bars Part 1 (4:53)
      Slide Builder offers toolbars that provide short cuts for some of the features found under the various drop down menus. This video will cover options available within the tool bars under the Insert, Slide Show Tools, Slide Tools, and Object Tools tab.
    • Slide Show Backgrounds (5:49)
      Detailed overview of the various background options available to apply a background to a slide in a slide show.
    • Menu Options Part 15 (1:28)
      Discusses some helpful tools available under the Help drop down menu found in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 14 (5:29)
      Detailed overview of the Preferences options located under the Settings drop down menu within Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 13 (2:25)
      Overview of the options for Spell Check, Acquire Media From, and Edit Slide Templates found under the Tools dropdown menu in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 12 (1:08)
      Overview detailing the use of the Thumbnail and Notices options found under View in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 11 (1:22)
      Overview of the Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo options found within Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 10 (3:42)
      Detailed overview of the Add Object feature in Slide Builder with demonstrations on how to customize the appearance of various objects.
    • Menu Options Part 9 (2:11)
      Further look at the OLE Object feature in Slide Builder designed to embed outside tools such as an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft graph chart into your Slide Show.
    • Menu Options Part 8 (4:45)
      Detailed overview of the various options to add video objects to a slide show in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 7 (5:25)
      Detailed overview of the various options to add image objects to a slide show in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 6 (5:21)
      Detailed overview of the various text objects styles that can be added to a slide within the Slide dropdown menu under the Add option.
    • Menu Options Part 5 (2:17)
      Covers the basic menu options under the Slide dropdown menu, all of which are setting options tailored for use with a single selected slide.
    • Menu Options Part 4 (5:24)
      Overview of the menu options available under the Slide Show dropdown menu in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 3 (3:18)
      A detailed view of the use of the Package-to-Go feature and it's ability to package slide shows to be shared with other systems.
    • Menu Options Part 2 (4:39)
      In-depth view of the functions of the Export To feature found under the File dropdown menu in Slide Builder.
    • Menu Options Part 1 (4:36)
      Overview of the menu options found under the File dropdown menu in Slide Builder.
  • Multi–Machine Use

    • 3. Media Files Location (5:10)
      How to relocate the Media Files or point SongShow Plus to look at the Media Files on another computer or network.
    • 2. Package To Go Utility (4:15)
      How to perform a Package to Go of a Program. Also how to Package to Go a Slide Show for use on another system.
    • 1. Backup & Restore Utility (5:45)
      How to Backup your SongShow Plus Media Files and Restore them on another system.
  • Using Songs

    • 13. Media Files Inspector Panel (4:06)
      How to utilize the Media Files Inspector Panel to preview text, add verses to the Program panel and display verses.
    • 12. Song Filters (4:45)
      How to apply filters for Tempo, Theme, Collection, or Short List. Also how to edit master lists.
    • 11. Song-Slide Properties Overview (3:04)
      How to edit Song Slide Properties when adding a song to a Program line-up.
    • 10. Acquiring Songs-Microsoft Word® (3:05)
      How to acquire text using the Microsoft Word® Import Utility.
    • 9. Acquiring Songs-Microsoft PowerPoint® (2:45)
      How to acquire songs from Microsoft PowerPoint® files.
    • 8. Acquiring Songs-SongSelect® Website (3:05)
      How to create a song by pulling the content in from the SongSelect® Website.
    • 7. Acquiring Songs-SongSelect® USR File (2:35)
      How to create a song from a SongSelect® USR file.
    • 6. Acquiring Songs-Clipboard (3:16)
      How to create a song using the Clipboard feature.
    • 5. Creating Songs (2:50)
      How to add a new song from scratch by typing it in.
    • 4. Modifying Songs Part 3 (3:44)
      Includes how to: apply a Verse Order, Key/Tempo, Notes, Slide Properties, Slide Shows and Audio Files.
    • 3. Modifying Songs Part 2 (4:20)
      How to edit a song, includes: changing General information like applying a Collection & Editing/Searching Collection also how to edit Lyrics text & how to add to Short List.
    • 2. Modifying Songs Part 1 (3:25)
      Where data files are located, show source in Media File Panel, how to clone songs, convert song to a slide show.
    • 1. Song Panel Basics (5:04)
      An overview of the Song Media Files Panel: Import options and search options.
  • Slide Properties

    • Slide Property Basics Part 4 (5:00)
      Overview of the Background Property Groups: Solid Color (includes using Pick Color feature), Gradient, Images, Videos, Improv and Fill.
    • Slide Property Basics Part 3 (5:01)
      Overviews the Slide Properties functions for the Background Property Group: Quick Select, Use Single Layer Fill and Use Multiple Fill Layers.
    • Slide Property Basics Part 2 (4:05)
      Covers the Slide Properties functions: Save To, Copy and Paste.
    • Slide Property Basics Part 1 (4:15)
      Introduces the function of Default Slide Properties also includes how to use: Load From (User and Factory Property Files) & Merge From (User and Factory Property Files).
    • Slide Properties Hierarchy (4:42)
      Understanding the Slide Properties Hierarchy throughout the SongShow Plus software, with the various locations one can apply Slide Properties.
    • Setting Default Margins (4:10)
      How to change the default slide property Margins and what these effect.
    • Using Background-Quick Select (5:00)
      An in-depth training on how to use the Quick Select option available for Backgrounds. Quickly apply a new Background with this feature.
    • Layer Fills Part 1 (4:54)
      An in-depth look at how to apply a Solid Color, Gradient, or Image Background and the layer fill settings available for these options.
    • Layer Fills Part 2 (3:34)
      How to apply and change different background fill types. Including; Videos, Improv and Fill (customizable Visualizations backgrounds that come with SongShow Plus Professional and Ultra).
    • Background Effects & Layer Effects (4:45)
      How to customize and edit Background Effects and individual background Layer Effects in Slide Properties.
    • Background Margin Settings (4:27)
      Customizing your Background Margins and background Layer Margins.
    • Shadow Settings (3:48)
      An in-depth training on setting options for the Shadow option in Slide Properties.
    • Text Style, Part 1 (5:02)
      Customizing your Song, Scripture and Slide Text Style. How to change settings using Quick Select icon. Also how to individually adjust the font settings.
    • Text Style, Part 2 (4:59)
      Customizing your Song, Scripture and Slide Text Style. How to individually adjust the text: Fill, Stroke, Effects, Shadow and Bullets.
    • Text Style, Part 3 (5:01)
      Customizing your Song, Scripture and Slide Text Style; text Shadow Settings and Bullet Settings. Also how to adjust Build options for Song Text Style which include how to italicize, or not, certain verses.
    • Text Layout, Part 1 (5:00)
      Customizing your Song, Scripture and Slide Text Layout. Includes how to change the Visibility, Position, Alignment, and Spacing for each type of text box.
    • Text Layout, Part 2 (5:10)
      Build Options tab in Song Text and Scripture Text Layout. Includes how to Display lyrics Page by Page and max. lines per slide, how to display CCLI license number, designate when to display copyright info. How to display scripture references.
    • Video & Image: Effects & Layout (4:48)
      How to customize your Video & Image, Effects & Layout. Including; Size, Position, Effects and Alignment (images only).
    • Setting a Transition (3:33)
      An in-depth training on how to utilize the Transition feature in Slide Properties.
    • Setting the Blank Slide (3:43)
      How to change the settings for the Blank Slide, how to display a Blank Slide, how to add a Blank Slide to a program, and an explanation of the Blank Slide located in Songs.
  • Preference Customizations

    • 6. Preferences Part 4 (4:41)
      Covers the following Preferences options: Song Parts, Song Transitions, Spell Check Slides, Spell Check Songs and Stage Display
    • 5. Preferences Part 3 (4:33)
      Preferences Part 3 Covers the Following Preferences options: Scripture - Slide Show - Song Media Control, Service Items, Service Sections, Song Auto Case
    • 4. Preferences Part 2-2 (4:42)
      Covers the following Preferences option: Program Panel.
    • 3. Preferences Part 2-1 (2:07)
      Covers the following Preferences options: Opening Screen and Presenter Window.
    • 2. Preferences Part 1-2 (3:38)
      Covers the following Preferences options: Mix Case, Mouse Cursor, Mute/Clear Display/ and On-line Resources.
    • 1. Preferences Part 1-1 (4:35)
      Covers the first few options in the Preferences window of SongShow Plus. Including: Ctrl-P, Double Click, Global Gaussian Blur, and Media Files.
  • Using Displays

    • 8. Using Multiple Displays Part 2 (4:29)
      Utilizing multiple displays in your Program Panel, Instant Message and Overlay Improv.
    • 7. Using Multiple Displays Part 1 (4:18)
      How to utilize multiple displays with Slide Properties and Quick Slide. Use of the Media Control Panel and Display Monitor. Displaying media files from the Media Files Panel.
    • 6. Setting up Multiple Displays (4:46)
      How to setup multiple display outputs in SongShow Plus. Up to four are supported.
    • 5. Using Stage Display Part 2 (5:01)
      How to control the Stage Display from the Program Panel; breaking the sync and re-enabling the syncing of the Stage Display with the Main Projected Output. Also how to use Instant Message and Overlay Improv for Stage Display.
    • 4. Using Stage Display Part 1 (5:05)
      How to control the output to the Stage Display; displaying something different than what the Main Output is displaying, breaking the sync and re-enabling the syncing of the Stage Display with the Main Projected Output. How to control it in the Media Files Panel, Media Control Panel and the Quick Slide.
    • 3. Setting up Stage Display (5:09)
      How to setup a Stage Display for use in SongShow Plus.
    • 2. Embedded Display Window (2:05)
      How to setup SongShow Plus to Embed the Display Window in the Presenter Window. This feature is most often utilized with Workstation systems.
    • 1. Basic Monitor Projection Setup (4:47)
      In this video we cover the basic setup of Windows and SongShow Plus so both are properly configured for placement of your Presenter Window and Display Window (projected output).
  • Improv Collection

    • Instant Message (5:29)
      A detailed overview of the instant message feature capable of sending a message to any Display Window within SongShow Plus.
    • Color Improv (3:53)
      A more in-depth demonstration of the use of the Color Improv feature designed to change colors of items such as images on the fly.
    • Background Improv (3:40)
      A more in-depth demonstration of the use of the Background Improv feature designed to allow the changing of a background on the fly.
    • Audio Improv (3:09)
      A more in-depth demonstration of the use of the Audio Imrpov feature designed to allow the playback of audio during your presentation on the fly.
    • Improv Collection Intro (3:07)
      An overview of the function of each tab in the Improv Collection panel; Background Improv, Instant Message, Overlay Improv, Color Improv and Audio Improv.
  • Using Web Pages

    • Using Web Pages (4:57)
      A demonstration of the three web page import options available which include YouTube, Vimeo, and Web Link.
  • QuickTips

    • Back To Church Sunday (3:15)
      With National Back To Church Sunday coming up on September 17 you can create engaging print and online marketing materials that will impress regular attenders and visitors without the need for an on-staff graphic designer.
    • Mobile Control v8.4 (3:29)
      Introducing the latest Mobile Control app now available for free for Android users in the Google Play store (iOS app coming soon)
    • Installing SSP 8.4 (4:13)
      A walkthrough on installing SSP 8.4.
    • What’s new in SSP 8.4 (4:35)
      A tour of the new features with the SongShow Plus v8.4 Production release.
    • Importing Shift Worship Media into SSP (3:46)
      Download epic worship content from Shift Worship and import the files into SongShow Plus with just a few clicks.
    • Text Shadow Effect (3:26)
      We will show you how to adjust shadow and blur settings to create a "glow" effect behind text.
    • New FAQ Page (1:13)
      We've added a new Frequently Asked Questions page to our website. If you're looking for an answer to some of our commonly asked questions you'll find the answers here.
    • Enabling a Preview Display (2:49)
      Do you ever need to display something from SongShow Plus on the fly, but you want to look at it first before sending it to the congregation’s screen? We’ll show you how to embed a preview display within your SongShow Plus interface.
    • Instant Messages (2:42)
      Do you ever need to get someone’s attention in the audience or up on the platform? Display a message to either your presentation screen or your stage display without interrupting the service using the Instant Message feature.
    • Pkg To Go Enhancement (3:30)
      We will show you one of the latest feature enhancements in the Preview Build of v8.4.
    • Filtering Media by Color (3:43)
      How to filter and download media files based on a sermon graphic color scheme.
    • Importing Media from Dropbox (3:11)
      Ever find the perfect picture or video that you just HAVE to share with your church? SongShow Plus can import videos and images from cloud-based file sharing services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.
    • Switching SongShow Plus Computers (3:12)
      Did your church get a new media presentation computer? If so you will want to move SongShow Plus and all of your files from the old computer to the new one.
    • Scripture Slides Assistant (2:02)
      Sometimes emphasizing a particular word or phrase in a scripture has a tremendous impact on the audience.
    • Editing An Item Title (3:07)
    • Easily Import Images (2:46)
      Importing images or videos into SongShow Plus doesn’t have to be a chore. Just drag and drop them into your SSP folders and you’re all set.
    • Color Improv (2:40)
      Easily manipulate your videos and images by modifying the color to match a sermon series scheme or LED stage lighting.
    • Saving Presets (3:56)
      Have you ever wished you could just click a button and instantly recall previously used Slide Properties for a new service or program item? With presets you can do just that.
    • Sorting Books of the Bible (2:52)
      Ever get to church so early in the morning that you can’t even remember what order the books of the Bible are in? Yeah, we have too. With this handy tip you can find even the most obscure books in record time and keep your “miracle worker” reputation intact!
    • Converting a PowerPoint (2:50)
      Having trouble using a PowerPoint in SongShow Plus? Converting it into a SongShow Plus slideshow format allows for seamless integration and improved playback.
    • Sync Folder Setup (3:15)
      SongShow Plus v8.3 introduced a new feature called SongShow Sync.
    • Activating A Workstation (2:36)
      Want to use SongShow Plus on another computer besides your sanctuary projection system? Install as many free workstations as you need for church staff or volunteers!
    • Share Properties Files (2:01)
      How to make a global setting change on one SongShow Plus computer and have it apply to all your other computers.
    • Slide Scheduler (2:50)
      You can now schedule slides to display on a predetermined schedule.
    • Instant Message (2:21)
      You can quickly and easily display a message to your congregation without interrupting the flow of your service.
    • Celebration Hymnal (3:01)
      How to import a text and image version of a song from the Celebration Hymnal collection into SongShow Plus.
    • Slideshow Aspect Ratio (1:53)
      How to design a slideshow using the correct aspect ratio to natively fit your projection screen
    • Importing Media Into SongShow Plus (3:46)
      Importing images or video into SongShow Plus and applying it as a background to a song can be done with just a few clicks.
    • Easter Signage (2:51)
      For most of churches, Easter weekend is easily the busiest weekend of the year. And while our regular parishioners are ready to navigate the chaos with Christ-like attitudes, our visitors may be a little more earthly minded. With that in mind, our focus this week is how to effectively communicate with your Easter visitors.
    • Slide Show with Audio (4:37)
      How to quickly and easily create a slideshow in SongShow Plus using an audio track to determine the length of the slideshow. This is the perfect feature for displaying pictures to the audience after a missions trip, during a funeral, or at a wedding.
    • Quick Slide (2:45)
      How to display a slide quickly and easily with the Quick Slide feature in SongShow Plus.
    • Opening Screen (3:08)
      Learn how to replace the default SongShow Plus logo with your own graphic.
    • Accessing On-Demand Training (2:27)
      Looking for more, in-depth training for your church’s media team? We offer more training videos that can be accessed 24/7, including our previously released QuickTips.
    • Modifying Scriptures (2:02)
      There may be times when you want to emphasize a specific word or phrase in a Bible verse.
    • License Deactivation (2:03)
      If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 we suggest deactivating your SongShow Plus license before upgrading. This will allow you to reactivate your license after the upgrade without having to call us for a new activation code.
    • Creating A Backup (2:23)
      Before you switch SongShow Plus to a new computer, or as a precaution, learn how to create a backup of your SongShow Plus database.
    • Displaying a Web Page (2:17)
      Highlight your church’s website to your congregation and visitors using the Web Pages Panel in SongShow Plus.
    • Flare Effect (1:38)
      You can add a professional quality flare to any image, video, or text object in SongShow Plus in just a few easy steps.
    • Multiple Fill Layers (2:00)
      Using Multiple Fill layers, you can overlay several pieces of media content to develop a background for your slide.
    • Video Effects and Layout (1:42)
      Do you wish there was a setting to ensure all videos fit your entire projection display? We’ll show you how to accomplish this with the Margins and Video Effects and Layout settings in our latest QuickTip.
    • Microsoft Word Song Import (1:52)
      With SongShow Plus, importing a song from a Word document is simple and convenient.
    • Toolbar Customization (1:20)
      In SongShow Plus, you have the capability to customize each toolbar to only display the available controls that you typically use
    • Slide Preview Size (1:39)
      With the release of SongShow Plus 8.2, you can now adjust the size of the preview slides displayed within the program panel.
    • Slide Builder Themes (1:44)
      How Slide Builder Themes allow you to quickly assign a set of slide properties to a slide in your slide show.
    • Adding Specific Slide Show Slides to the Program Panel (1:34)
      How to only add selected slides of a slide show to the program panel.
    • Merge Program Feature (1:42)
      Demonstrate how the merge program feature allows you to combine elements from different programs to prepare for your upcoming services.
    • Use an Audio Track to Set the Length of a Slide Show (1:36)
      How you can set a slide show to automatically advance to the length of an audio track.
    • Sort Options for Books of the Bible (1:43)
      Demonstrate the Sort by Book Order and Sort by Name options available to you when scrolling through the list of books in the bible.
    • Crop Image Feature (2:00)
      How to use the crop image feature to change the aspect ratio of your image to match your projection displays.
    • Color Improv Effect (1:56)
      An easy method for applying the Color Improv effect directly from the Improv Collection panel.
    • Replace or Relocate Selection Tool (1:53)
      How the Replace or Relocate tool can simplify the process to replace a media file in your program line up for another item of the same file type.
    • Setting Background Improv from the Improv Collection Panel (1:56)
      How Background Improv can easily be applied as a default slide property setting within the Improv Collection Panel.
    • Creating a Short List (1:32)
      How you can use the short list filter for saving time when searching for songs.
    • Setting a Background from the Media Files Panel (1:45)
      How a background can easily be set from within your media files panel with either an image or video.
    • Background Brightness Bar (1:43)
      How the background brightness bar allows you to quickly adjust the brightness of your backgrounds in SongShow Plus
    • Slide Verse Order (1:29)
      How to set your own default verse order for a song in SongShow Plus. This is the perfect time saver for those who prefer the same verse order for specific songs week after week
    • Aligning Multiple Slide Objects (2:07)
      How to quickly align multiple objects on a slide. With a few simple clicks, you can skip the time spent manually aligning each slide object one by one.
    • Saving a Song Typical Verse Order (2:11)
      Learn how to set your own default verse order for a song in SongShow Plus. This is the time saver for those who prefer the same verse order for specific songs week after week.
    • How to Display an Instant Message (1:38)
      How the Instant Message tab allows you send messages like nursery calls to your congregation or even countdowns or timers to your worship team
    • Multiple Scripture Verses Fast (2:11)
      Learn how to quickly add multiple scripture verses to your SongShow Plus Program line-up.
    • How to Layer Backgrounds (1:36)
      Tired of scouring the Internet for the perfect background? SongShow Plus allows you to layer various media content to create your own unique background.
    • Color Picker Tool (1:53)
      With the Pick Color feature, you can choose any color pixel on your screen and apply that color in SongShow Plus. Now you can save hours of editing time by selecting the perfect color for any background, text object and more with just the click of your mouse!
    • Customizing the Presenter Window Layout (1:36)
      SongShow Plus allows you to customize the location of each panel within your Presenter Window. This allows you to pick the layout and size of each panel that works best for your team and monitor.
    • Uploading Package’s to Cloud Services (1:59)
      SongShow Plus now integrates Cloud services into its' file sharing processes. This gives you the capability to create programs and slideshows that can be packaged and restored from your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive service.
    • Controlling Multiple Displays (1:53)
      How to control multiple Display Windows* within SongShow Plus. Many of the same features and functions of your Primary Display are now available for each additional Display Window.
    • Connecting to SongSelect within SongShow Plus (1:47)
      Shows you how to give authorization to SongShow Plus to quickly access your SongSelect® account. This feature allows you to easily search and add songs to SongShow Plus from SongSelect®. Check out this updated feature available in SongShow Plus 8 that is available to current SongShow Plus subscribers. Please note that you must have a subscription to SongSelect® by CCLI to utilize their services.
    • How to Update (2:46)
      How to update your SongShow Plus version 8.0 software.
    • Planning Center Online (2:16)
      Learn how to import a service order from Planning Center Online into SongShow Plus.
    • Online Activation (3:53)
      If your SongShow Plus projection system is connected to the internet, this is the fastest and easiest activation method.
    • Offline Activation (6:27)
      Learn how to activate your copy of SongShow Plus if your projection system does not have an internet connection.
    • Setup Display Outputs (5:10)
      The basics of setting up Windows and SongShow Plus 8 display outputs.
    • Media Specific Backgrounds (3:35)
      Learn how to set the default background for Songs and a different default background for Scriptures.