About Us

Our History

GoFishMedia (GFM) began in 2006 with the goal of meeting the media needs of churches throughout the US and the world. Since that time, GFM has helped tens of thousands of churches find and use media products that help facilitate sharing the Gospel. From presentation software to computers, from downloadable media content to video cameras, GFM has always been at the forefront of what churches need to make their media ministries successful.


Our Vision

GoFishMedia’s vision is to help your church fulfill its mission. Whether you are reaching out to your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or to the uttermost parts of the earth, GFM is committed to helping you meet those goals. With virtual church and live streaming currently at the forefront of the church’s mandate, it’s critical that you have the right tools and training for your staff and volunteers. GFM’s commitment to getting your team up to speed is addressed in pre-sale discussions as well as post-sale support and training.


Our Goals

As the old saying goes, there’s one constant in the universe, and that’s change. With that in mind, GoFishMedia is always reinventing itself to offer the latest solutions in technology and media products. In the early 2000s, worship presentation software was the primary need for most churches. Around 2010, text over live video and recording became paramount. Now, in 2020 live streaming and “virtual church” are critical to the church worship service experience. GFM is constantly revisiting the method of communication while never compromising the message. No matter how technology changes, GFM’s commitment remains the same.