SongShow Plus 9 Ultra Edition


SongShow Plus Ultra Edition includes all of the basic presentation software features like presenting song lyrics, scriptures, videos, and slideshows. It also offers higher quality features like the Cinematic Effects Collection, Christmas Goodies collection, and Environmental Projection support. Ultra also provides Multi-Display support for presenting unique graphics for up to 6 different screens simultaneously! For churches offering both in-person AND virtual worship options the NDI support feature lets you insert SongShow Plus content into a live stream. Whether you are using software like OBS or vMix or a hardware encoder like an ATEM Mini, this feature makes text over live video possible with just a few clicks!


This software purchase provides one projection license and unlimited non-projection (or workstation) licenses. You also receive a Bronze subscription allowing you to download software updates for one year as well as receive software activation support. You can also upgrade your subscription to Silver or Platinum. For more information about subscriptions please click here.


SongShow Plus includes three public domain Bible translations: King James Version, American Standard Bible, and World English Bible. Additional copyrighted translations are available for purchase including New King James Version, New International Version, Amplified Bible, and several others. To purchase additional translations click here.

For current hardware recommendations click here.

NOTE: Subscriptions will auto renew in 12 months. You can make changes to your annual subscription and billing preferences by calling 877-458-6367. Purchases will be processed within one business day. All sales are final.