SongShow Plus Site License

The site license gives your organization an unlimited number of projection licenses for use on a large campus or if you have a multi-campus organization. The qualifications for purchasing a site license in a multi-campus scenario are as follows:

  • All of the campus locations have one leader (Senior Pastor, Bishop, etc.)
  • All of the organization’s finances are processed within a single finance department
  • The federal government identifies each campus as part of the same non-profit organization and they all have the same federal tax ID.

NOTE: Previously purchased single additional licenses cannot be combined and used toward the purchase of this site license.  Additionally, SSP plugins that are license specific must be purchased per projection license added to the account, even if a site license is present.

If you have any questions regarding your organization and if it qualifies for a site license please feel free to contact us at 877-458-6367

Purchases will be processed within one business day. All sales are final.