3 Ways to Budget For A New Church Presentation PC

Buying a new computer for your worship ministry can be a lot like buying new gutters for your home. It’s hard to see the need to spend the money until the storm hits. But, even when it’s painfully clear a new PC is needed, there may not be enough money in the budget. And, let’s face it, this computer needs to be the best one in the church (and likey the most expensive). With a little out-of-the-box thinking, buying a new computer could be more affordable than you thought.


Sell your old computer

Instead of giving your old computer to the church secretary consider selling it. If your computer is less than 5 years old it likely still has resale value. Even if it’s not the fastest PC on the planet it could still be useful to someone willing to pay for a gently used computer. There are always startup businesses, home schoolers, or work-at-home moms that would love a “new to you” computer. Just remember to keep the price reasonable. Checking websites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace before posting your deal is always a good idea. Once you make the sale, put the proceeds toward your new computer. BTW, this may go without saying, but this should be the last step in your project.


Do a fundraiser

I’m convinced every church in America has annual car washes and bake sales to help their kids go to camp every summer. Why not do a worship team fund raiser? For example, put your worship leader in a dunk tank in the church parking lot. Or sell that old sound equipment hoarded away behind the platform. Why not put your sound engineer’s mad wiring skills to work by auctioning them to hang Christmas lights for your parishioners? Better yet, have your worship musicians offer lessons and donate the proceeds to your cause. Who knows, you might even find a potential worship team member hidden in the ranks!


Finance the purchase

If your church teaches personal finance classes this suggestion may not work for you. Keep in mind, though, a lot of churches lease at least one piece of office equipment (think copier). Making payments on a new computer isn’t any different. Yes, you’re going to pay a little more in the long run, but if your computer dies suddenly you’ll be glad you had a “rainy day” backup plan. Besides, leasing is often less expensive than using a high interest credit card. And since most churches operate on a monthly cash flow so it might be easier for the finance committee to approve a small monthly payment rather than a large capital expense. Plus, if you’ve applied any of the other tips I’ve listed earlier you could have a sizable down payment which would decrease your payments even more.


So, if your church needs a new media computer and you need a way to pay for it, don’t forget some of these quick and easy tips. Your entire church will be glad you did!