Did you know?

Playback of a DVD within a church setting can be a violation of the Copyright Act. The intent of the DVD is for private use in a home environment and to be shown in its entirety. Churches are not considered a private venue.

What is WingClips?

WingClips is an  online source offering downloadable movie clips that you can obtain to legally display within a church setting. WingClips has arranged with Hollywood to develop a system of using movie clips for sermon illustration. With clips categorized into sermon segments such as “apology”, “anger”, “fasting”, “idolatry”, and many more, all the pastor has to do is search the category of his sermon, watch a short clip or two and download the clip for the service. This is not only legal, but also hassle free. No more queuing up DVD’s or finding the correct start and stop points. All this is done for you. So the next time a movie clip is needed in your church service, check out WingClips first.

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