Digital Signage

GoFishMedia is proud to present SongShow Digital Signage. With SongShow Digital Signage you now have the ability to both create and display content via the cloud which can then be downloaded and displayed on any TV or monitor supporting HDMI. Before we highlight the features of Digital Signage, let’s take some time to define and consider the function of the products needed.

Signage Channel: A signage channel is a medium through which your content (or campaign) is carried from a production computer to the TV or monitor displaying the information. Campaigns can contain multiple ads communicating upcoming events such as youth retreats, Bible studies, ministry fundraisers, service times, and more all which is carried through a channel to either a single digital signage player or multiple players.

Signage Player: A  signage player is the receiver of the content carried by a specified channel. The player is then connected to a TV or monitor via HDMI which will display your campaign. As a campaign is sent through a specific channel, the content is downloaded from the channel onto the signage player for display.

Now that we’ve defined these terms, let us show you a few examples of how this works.


*The number of Player and Channel combinations is not limited to what is demonstrated in the above diagram. A minimum of one channel and one player will be needed.

This new and innovative approach to digital signage not only allows you to manage your campaigns from any location but what really sets our product apart from other signage solutions is the ability to create the content you wish to use in your campaign without the need for third-party software. This means you can both create and publish your campaigns from any computer at any location! If you’re ready for the next step in digital signage, contact your sales representative today to let us help you get started.


  • Schedule content day and time including TV display on or off
  • Unlimited channels available
  • Display multiple ads per channel
  • Create ads from within the Slide Builder
  • Import content from outside the Slide Builder
  • Device is plug and play ready
  • Broadcast to multiple on-site or off-site locations simultaneously
  • Desktop remote support
  • Customizable ad layout
  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Free shipping to lower 48 States
  • One year of media membership included with original purchase

*Annual subscription required for the channel only.

*Products purchased from GoFishMedia will be added to your SongShow Plus account within one business day followed by an email with instructions. Click here for more info. All sales are final.

*For 5 or more players or channels, please call for a volume discount.