Basic to Pro Edition Upgrade

If you own a SongShow Plus Basic Edition license and are interested in adding all the features of the Professional Edition you need this edition upgrade!

Upgrading your edition of SongShow Plus Basic to Professional will give you access to great features like the Improv Collection* and Visualizations Collection**!

Not sure about what you currently own? Please contact sales at 877-458-6367

*The Improv Collection includes features like Background Improv for on-the-fly background selection, Overlay Improv for countdown timers and screen bugs, Instant Message for nursery alerts and other messages, and Audio Improv for sound effects and on-the-fly background tracks.
**A sweet selection of customizable motion backgrounds that are rendered in real-time. For example, with the snowfall visualization, you can adjust options like wind speed and the number of snowflakes!

NOTE: This edition upgrade only adds new SSP features and does not include a support plan or an upgrade to a new version. Purchases will be processed within one business day. All sales are final.