SongShow Plus says I need to reactivate but it’s not working. What do I do?

An update to SSP v8.4 was released on 6/4/18 which fixed SSL problems affecting the activation process. Please go to www.songshowplus.com and click the download link at the top of the page.  After installing this production build you should be able to reactivate SongShow Plus.

My SongSelect isn’t working in SongShow Plus, how do I fix it?

Updating to the 6/4/18 release of SSP v8.4 will resolve this issue.

How do I activate the new SongShow Plus v8.5 release?

Ensure that you have the current version of 8.4 installed and activated on the same machine you install 8.5 and that your subscription is also current. As long as these conditions are met, no activation process for the 8.5 preview release is needed and you can immediately begin exploring 8.5 as soon as it is installed.



How much does SongShow Plus cost?

It depends on what features you need. We have three versions (Basic, Professional, and Ultra). You can view the differences between each version here.

What Bible translations are available with SongShow Plus?

Natively, SSP has four public domain Bibles which include King James Version, World English, Tree of Life and American Standard. Other translations like NIV, NKJV, The Message, and Amplified are also available for purchase. You can view our selection of Bible plugins here.

What songs come with SongShow Plus?

There are approximately 350 hymns that come with SongShow Plus that can be modified and saved. Other contemporary songs can be typed, copied from a website or document, or downloaded directly from SongSelect (a product of CCLI).

What is the licensing policy for SongShow Plus?

When you purchase SongShow Plus you will automatically receive one projection license and unlimited workstations. Our definition of a workstation is a non-projection computer, like a staff office computer or a volunteer’s laptop. This license allows a user to build SSP programs and then transfer their work to a projection computer. An additional single projection license for another computer can be purchased under the church’s account at a discounted rate. This could be a computer in a Youth area or a laptop for off-campus events. We also offer a site license which gives your church unlimited projection licenses. You can view our licensing options here.

My church has an older version of SongShow Plus. Do we have to buy a new copy to upgrade?

No. If you already have a SongShow Plus account and would to upgrade from an older version we offer upgrade options. This not only saves your church money, it also allows you to keep any plugins, collections, or licenses that you have purchased with your existing account.

If I move to a new church can I take SongShow Plus with me?

Each SSP account is licensed to an organization, not an individual. As a result, SSP accounts cannot be given, traded or sold to any other organization. If you would like to use SSP at your new church they will need to purchase their own SSP license.


Do I have to purchase SongShow Plus from the computer I will be using for SSP presentations?

No. You can purchase SSP, or any other related plugins, collections or upgrades, from any computer. Once we have received your payment we will email instructions on how you can download and activate your newly purchased product.


I just purchased a plugin for SongShow Plus, but how do I download it?

If you are running SSP8 the plugin is already installed but is currently not activated. Once we add the plugin that you purchased to your account we will email you instructions for activating your newly purchased plugin. If you made the purchase outside of our normal business hours we will process your order the following business day.


What is your refund policy?

Since most of our products are either software related or, in the case of computers, custom made to order, our standard policy is that all sales are final and refunds are not available. If you have any questions about a product that you have purchased from GoFishMedia please contact our sales department at 877-458-6367.



How do I transfer SongShow Plus 8 and all of my files to another computer?

First, you will want to install SSP on the new computer. Next, you will want to make a copy of all of your files. Open SSP and click Tools> Backup/Restore and then backup all of the folders. Then you will need to deactivate the license on your old computer (Tools> Activation> Next> I want to deactivate the license on this machine. If you need assistance with this we can help you over the phone or you can click here to submit a support ticket.

Why does my renewal receipt say that SongShow Plus is not activated?

According to your account, you have not activated the most recent release of SSP8. If you simply want to register your renewal on your current version you can disregard the email and open SSP, then click Tools> Activation and install the updated license file. If you would like to install and activate the latest release you can download it here.

Why doesn’t my SongSelect Online service work anymore? [This also pertains to Planning Center, Shift Worship, Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox]

If SSP thinks your subscription is expired these online features will no longer appear in your menu options. If your membership is current click Tools> Activation and install the updated license file. Once you restart SSP you should see these options again. If your subscription has expired, click here to purchase a renewal.

I just renewed my SongShow Plus subscription. How do I update my v8 license to reflect my renewal?

Just open SSP8 and click Tools> Activation and then install the updated license file when prompted. Be sure to restart SSP for the changes to take effect. You can verify that the license file was updated by clicking Help> About. You should see a new renewal date.

I just renewed my SongShow Plus subscription. How do I update my v7 license to reflect my renewal?

You actually won’t need to update the license for v7 since nothing stops working if SSP7 still thinks you’re expired. If you would like to remove the popup that indicates your subscription is expiring or already expired you will need to contact us so we can email you a new license file.